MT 4320 Digital Flexible Thermometer

IGEN Digital thermometer for adults and kids to measure body temperature. Body temperature can be checked through oral or rectal methods. Checking body temperature orally is suitable for adults and kids more than 5 years. The latter method should be done only with doctor’s recommendations.



  • Flexible Tip
  • Fast measurement in 10 seconds
  • Measuring Time Approximately 10 sec Only
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Displays Measurements In °C & °F
  • Measure Range 32 °C – 42.9 °C
  • Water Proof
  • Without Glass Mercury Free
  • Automatic Switch Off
  • Protective Cover
  • Including Battery
  • Accuracy
  • LCD Display Size: 26*14mm
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Battery Life Around 200 Hrs

Accurate measurements will be shown within 10 seconds with high accuracy. The digital thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit options. Waterproof digital thermometer so after each use it can be washed and dried. Automatically turn off so it will give a high battery life.

LCD display which provides accurate measurement easy to read. With a measuring range from 32 °C – 42.9 °C. Can be used at domestic and hospital use. When the temperature is more or lower than the normal temperature alarm will be shown.

            Methods used to measure the temperature?

      1.  Octal : Digital thermometer should be placed under the tongue and close the mouth. Usually, this method  is used for adults and kids who are above 5 years old. Who can hold the thermometer with their mouth.
      2.  Rectal : This method can be done for kids who are less than 3 years old with a doctor’s recommendation.
      3. Axillary: Thermometer is placed in the armpit for a quick result.

Normal body temperature for the body or 37 degrees Celsius (°C), 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

            How to use?

      • Wash your hands clean before using the digital thermometer
      • Make sure the person is not eating anything for 5min before measuring the temperature.
      • Place the digital thermometer tip under the tongue and mouth closed.
      • Hold the digital thermometer for until get the beep sound to show the accurate measurement.
      • Body temperature will be shown in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
      • After using make sure to clean cold water and alcohol.