HA 30 Hearing Amplifier(Rechargeable)

The Box Includes 

  • Pair Of Hearing Amplifier
  • Usb Rechargeable Cable
  • Cleaning Set
  • Instruction Manual

GEN HA 30  rechargeable  advanced technology hearing amplifiers are very comfortable and digital amplifier technology helps complete background noise reduction and cancellation technology. It is very light weight and durable in design making the ideal hearing solution for you to instantly experience higher quality sound the way it is intended.

How to use?

  • Choose a suitable size of ear dome, install in device.
  • Gently wrap the hearing amplifier over your ear until it rests securely behind your ear.
  • Push the ear tube into the ear canal until snug and comfortable.
  • Long press the button for 3 seconds.
  • Using your thumbs and index index figure, gently pull the ear tubing loose from the ear.
  • There are 6 volume modes, press the UP button to turn volume up (short press once), press the DOWN button to turn down volume ( short press once) .

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