HA 15 Hearing Amplifier

Sound of amplifier – amplifies the volume of all sounds indoors and outdoors individual adjustment to the ear canal.

Ideal For Restricted Hearing Ability

Ergonomic Fit Behind The Ear

Sound Amplification Maximum 40 Db

Maximum Audio Output :133

The Box Includes 

  • Hearing Amplifier
  • 4 Ear Plug In Different Sizes
  • 3 Type Lr 754 Batteries
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Box For Storage
  • Instruction For Use

IGEN HA-15 hearing amplifier individually adjustable , people suffering from restricted hearing ability receive optimum support with our hearing amplifier. It can be individually adjusted to the ear canal. Also it amplifies the volume of the sounds indoors and outdoors

How to use?

  • Choose A Suitable Size Ear Dome , Installed In The Device.
  • Open The Cartridge Cover And Put The Battery In The Wrong Direction.
  • Before Use Make Sure Power Is Turned Off , Or Make The Volume To ‘ 1’ .
  • Put The Ear Hook On Your Ear.
  • Plug In The Earplug Tightly .
  • Turn On The Power And Adjust The Volume.

Note: If you hear the whistling sound, please check whether you have plugged in the ear plug tightly, please change to another size plug.

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