MY 126 Portable Mesh Nebulizer (rechargeable)

Nebulization rate -0.3 ml/min

Power consumption approx 1.5 w

Silent operation helps to make it more comfortable to use especially for children .


Battery can be used for approximately 5 days after charging if operating the device for the 30 minutes a day and the battery cycle life is 300 cycles

Pocket sized and easy to carry

Igen Provides Microporous Atomization Technology

Igen mesh nebulizer helps solve all kinds of respiratory issues of adult and child, treatment of children with asthma, rhinitis and other upper and lower respiratory disease, it includes adult and child masks, advanced rechargeable technology more helpful for travelling purposes.

Package Includes

How to use?

  • Rotate to left top of the medication chamber
  • Fill the liquid mentioned volume and make sure closed it properly
  • Attach the mask and LONG press 3 TO 4 seconds START / STOP button

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